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Crystal Clear Ice Rose Maker
  • MULTIPLE USES & DIY SNACKS - This only contains an INDEPENDENT large roses ice mold, it have to be used with a set of CLEAR ICE MAKER. It is perfect for chilling all kinds of craft drinks (bourbon, cocktail, whiskey, beer, beverage, juice, etc). You can also use them to make your special snacks (puddings, chocolate, ice-lolly, etc). Besides of water, you can fill the mold with milk, coffee, juice to make different flavor ice cubes
  • LARGE-SIZED ROSE ICE MOLD - Patented roses ice cube mold, It takes 20 minutes to melt completely, which is slower than ordinary ice cubes, and can instantly cool the temperature evenly, so the wine will not be diluted in a short time, and the wine will be more mellow
  • IMPECCABLE CLARITY & SHAPE - Our clear diamond ice maker contains a foam that effectively keeps the temperature inside the container at a lower temperature and there are less microscopic holes formed by air inside when frozen, so you get a completely transparent diamond shaped ice cubes
  • DURABLE MATERIAL - Our diamond silicone ice cube mold is made of high-quality food-grade silicone. Easy to use & clean

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