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Initial Alphabet Wax Sealing Stamps
SEAL STAMP PATTERN: Reminding that the stylish script of this letter may appear backwards at first glance if the stamp is viewed upside down. Pls rotate to ensure right direction before use!
HIGH QUALITY: 1" round brass seal stamp head in high quality; 3" removable sturdy rosewood handle - easy to change and install. The engraved pattern is clear and detailed, creating an impression with sharp relief and crisp appearance.
EASY TO USE: it makes beautiful detailed wax imprints easily with all types of sealing wax. By changing the color of the wax, you can express a variety of sincere feelings to the people you truly care about.
MANY USES: It has many uses in daily life. It can be applied on any cards, invitations, envelopes, packing, parcels, scrap book, glass, plastic, wood and more; Ideal for decorating gift packing, envelopes, parcels, invitations, wine packaging and anything else you like!

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